Purchase prints of any photos on this site. If you like something here, there's a good chance I have other similar images.
Printing on aluminum
All prints are printed on aluminum. This is a unique medium that brings out the very best in each image and is also long-lasting and easy to care for. The print is produce using a special printing process in which dyes are infused onto specially coated sheets of thin recycled aluminum. The resulting product has startling clarity, sharpness, saturation, and depth of colour.
There are two finishes:
Deep Gloss has unmatched depth and clarity and is usually the best option. With aluminum prints, reflections from light don’t block the image as do they with glass in front of paper, but rather they exist behind the surface, adding another element to the viewing experience.
Sometimes a print will be hung in a location where there are many windows or light sources that will interfere with the viewing experience. In this case, a Semi-Gloss finish is best. You’ll still get some of the sparkle, depth, and saturation of the gloss but any problematic reflections will be more subdued.
All prints are mounted and come ready to hang. Since the aluminum is only about 1.27mm thick it needs to be mounted for rigidity so there’s no option to order a print without mounting. The corners of the mounted image are slightly rounded for safety but you can order sharp corners if you wish.
All prints have a very subtle and elegant placement of the photographer’s signature in the bottom-right corner. The logo is either in white or black depending on the image.
Care and lifespan
If anything is spilled on an aluminum print, it can be simply wiped off and given a quick polish with a soft cloth. Soap and water are usually sufficient to remove fingerprints but other products that can be used without harming the finish include isopropyl alcohol, household detergents and ammonia-based glass cleaners. Although the surface is extremely scratch resistant it’s always best to use a soft cloth for any cleaning.
In terms of colour fade and colour balance, aluminum prints will also last between two to four times that of long-lasting photo papers. The inks penetrate into the coated aluminum surface, ensuring the image is permanent and can’t be rubbed off and the laminate finish is tough and completely impervious to water. This also means the prints can be hung in bathrooms, saunas, kitchens, etc. where paper prints might be damaged by the humidity of those locations.
It is possible to hang a print outdoors but direct sunlight and other environmental conditions may accelerate fading.
Print prices
All prices are in Canadian dollars.
For standard images with a 3:2 aspect ratio:
16 x 24 inches: $180
20 x 30 inches: $250
24 x 36 inches: $315
30 x 45 inches: $450
For panoramas with a 3:1 aspect ratio:
12 x 36 inches: $185
Prints are drop-shipped directly to you from the printer using a shipping rate based on the largest item shipped which means you save if multiple prints are ordered at the same time.
Placing orders
Use the contact form on the About page to place an order for any prints you find on this site. If you like something, there's a good chance I have other similar images. We can discuss which image(s) you would like, the size for each, the finish (Deep Gloss or Semi-Gloss) as well as whether you want sharp corners instead of the rounded corners. Once shipping costs have been calculated you will be contacted if this is all acceptable you will then be billed you for your order.
It takes approximately 10 days to 2 weeks for processing orders. Each print is produced on demand.
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